Friday, November 24, 2006

About Regular Joes

My name is Shelley. I am an artist. I will someday be known as that girl who created the "Regular Joes" line of products. I'm telling you, place your order today, because their gonna be big. Here's the story I plan to tell Oprah when I'm a guest on her next "How I became a kazillionaire show"-

I bought a new sewing machine, took it home, started stitchin' and out came this wacky array of characters. Every "Regular Joe" is a one of a kind original, complete with personal biography and stuffed with coffee beans.

Packed in coffee beans for maximum smelliness. They make great gifts, sit them in the kitchen or next to your computer. Regular Joes- A whimsically wacky, totally unique, sometimes disturbing, coffee reeking, bean stuffed delight!

E-mail me at or call 214-726-6439 to place your odor! (Thats not a typo- get it? they smell like coffee- haha!)

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